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    "Vyatskie Polyany Machine-Building Plant MOLOT" (a.k.a. MOLOT) was founded in 1940 mainly for producing the Shpagin machine pistol PPSh guns, which was one of the major infantry weapons of the Soviet armed forces during World War II.

    In the 1950-60s the MOLOT factory was the only producer of the 9mm Stechkin automatic pistols APS, 7.62mm Kalashnikov light machine guns RPK and 30mm automatic grenade launchers Plamya AGS-17, which were highly recognized for their outstanding quality and reliability.

    In 1994 MOLOT's designers presented their first civilian firearm - VEPR an autoloading hunting rifle for a 7.62x39mm cartridge. In the following year, the civilian guns line introduced several new models of the VEPR family: VEPR SUPER, VEPR PIONEER, VEPR HUNTER all in different calibers.

    Later in 1997, the factory introduced the multifiring hunting Becas shotguns. Additionally, the factory started a hunting gun production based on Mosin-Nagant and Mauser rifles.
    Sporting and hunting MOLOT firearms are well known around the world for their superior quality.

    MOLOT USA Firearms, Ltd. is committed to bringing Russian excellence to the US market.

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