MOLOT VEPR Rifle Schema

VEPR Schema

VEPR Schema
1 - receiver cover, 2 - retracting mechanism, 3 - bolt carrier, 4 - bolt, 5 - sight leaf, 6 6gas tube, 7 - swivel, 8 - butt-stock, 9 - safety lever, 10 - magazine, 11- receiver, 12 - forearm, 13 - barrel, 14 - front sight base

How it works

The rifle is reloaded automatically due to the energy of the powder gases escaping from the barrel bore to the gas chamber while firing, and the energy of the return spring, as well. The barrel bore is locked by two or three lugs (depending on modification) rotating around the axis of the sliding bolt carrier.

The trigger-and-firing mechanism of hammer type makes it possible to deliver single-shot fire and bring the rifle into safe position. The firing pin is spring-loaded to exclude an inadvertent shot.
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